This splendid value book, written and illustrated with assurance, wonderment, and an artist’s vision, is an historical memoir of a voyage around the world in the late 1950s. Endlessly interesting, the author starts in foggy England, goes by ship to the Sudan and Aden, through Malaya, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Manila, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, the South Pacific islands and Australia, then back to England via New Zealand, Tahiti, the Panama Canal and USA. With refreshing candour, the words and drawings evoke dramatic landscapes, opium dens, brothels, smells, dirt, food, and the lives of both ordinary and extraordinary people from many races living in a world at peace. It has become a travel classic.

Illustrated paperback

288 pages

3 maps

91 drawings

ISBN 0-9530517-4-9

Price: £6.95

“…charming drawings…in a life-drawing paradise.” – The Guardian. “A fascinating travel memoir…all very readable.” – The Port. “…illustrated with drawings that evoke dramatic landscapes, opium dens, brothels…” – AA. “A fascinating travel memoir…highly descriptive.” – The Green.



This is another splendid value and beautifully produced book from the Mudlark Press. The author takes you around London’s Docklands north and south of the Thames with entertaining words and personal anecdotes to enjoy its history and buildings. These are fascinating routes, seen with a perceptive eye.

Illustrated paperback


128 pages

1 map

59 black and white photographs

ISBN 0-9530517-2-2

Price: £7.95

“… combines love of architecture with fascinating anecdotes”. East London Advertiser

“This is a book you will use time and time again.” East End Life.


This is a present day, historical and (1949-1969) photographic guide to the riverside docks and wharves between the Tower of London and the Limehouse of Pepys and Charles Dickens. It is a book full of working dockland atmosphere, customs, language and jargon.

Illustrated paperback


122 pages

5 maps

57 black and white photographs

ISBN 0-9530517-0-6

Price: £4.95

“Every step crammed with history, of anecdote, of smells and sights of a dockland past.” East London Advertiser. “Jim brings history alive.” – East End Life. “A snip at £4.95.” – Good Housekeeping.


This wonderful value book from the Mudlark Press contains a survey of dockland life, and is stuffed with traditional recipes, illustrations and culinary ideas from the inter- and post-war years. Many vegetarian dishes are included.

Illustrated paperback


144 pages

101 line drawings

ISBN 0-9530517-3-0

Price: £5.95

“I find the most interesting (of Christmas books) is a fascinating paperback entitled : Cooking in Docklands Past and Present by James Page-Roberts.” Jennifer Patterson, The Spectator.

“A fascinating, occasionally horrifying glimpse of ‘The Good Old Days’.” Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett).

“… an excellent social history which deserves to be widely read.” The Maritime Trust Review.

“… celebrating our heritage of traditional East End nosh … ” The Wharf.

“HISTORY ON A PLATE James’ fascinating cook book.” East London Advertiser.

“Dockland life and food lovingly captured …” South London Press.

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